• Write a "Killer" Novel, Fast...
  • The Story of Story
  • The Jedi Mind-Trick
  • Story Tech

Write a "Killer" Novel in Under 38 Days

  • Write a "Killer" Novel, Fast...
  • The Story of Story
  • Jedi Mind-Trick
  • Story Tech
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Fantastic video presentation. I look forward to seeing the next video. I’m sharing this right away. There’s a heck of a lot of writers out there that will benefit from this systematic and more productive approach. Thanks, Richard!

Great! It really sinks in when you can hear what you’re teaching whilst reading the points.
I’ve written a bit of poetry & have an idea for a novel but have never started it… each time I got to my pc to start I’d just sit there staring at the screen. Now I know why! Thanks, Richard! I’ll definitely post this on Facebook!

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    That’s great, Shani.

    The book contains something I call the “Story Engine” which walks you through the step-by-step process of designing a story that can then be told.

    Story Design comes before story composition.

    Because, before one can tell a story, they must have a story to tell.

I just sent you a long message but I’m not sure if you got. it.

The msg talked about the writers of the Golden Age of pulp who wrote books about 150-200 pages long using a manual typewriter. Did they have one or more specific tricks to write these nice novels so FAST? I looked all over the internet and found no info on the subject. Can you pls help me? Thanks.


Thank you for this very helpful video. I’m still 15 and I just started writing a few days ago. I was really having a hard time. I would’ve continued writing a story aimlessly if it wasn’t for this. Now that I know about the story engine, I can start writing productively. Once again, thank you.

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    I envy you your youth. I only wish I’d have discovered this material when I was 15. I’d have made many fewer mistakes and wasted many fewer years of my life.

    Watch all the videos and buy the book. It will change your life.

    Best wishes and… Write on…

Very refreshing – a structured approach is what I use and find works. Do you cover more on the Marketing and Promotion aspect in one of your videos or books?

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    Watch all the videos and buy the book, please.

    But here is the big tip on marketing…

    You must produce good books quickly and in quantity to make any money as a fiction writer. Having 10 good books or more in print at the same time… is the key.

    That’s why I say you need to “write better fiction faster”.

Thank you for making us “Plotters” feel that we are not inferior. Most writers I know are proud to be “pantsers”, but are mostly unpublished…

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    Not sure what you’re referring to as “nonsense”.

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    Your welcome. However, you should understand that “plotting” is not enough. Because it is so poorly defined.
    Which is why I designed the “Story Engine”. This walks you through – step by step – the whole story design process. And the Story Engine can also be used for debugging any writing project that gets stuck.

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I am an ex journalist, turned engineer/computer software trainer. I enjoyed your video and I thought it was well presented and extremely helpful. Your approach to writing is similar to the way I approach teachig a computer CAD/CAM class. You have to define what you can do before you actually do it. I thought your six points reinforced what I have thought all along about writing a novel. I have one now for sale on Kindle and Nook and I am trying to write about 5 more that I have started. My current novel is called BANK SHOT. I have always thought that after you have an idea, and create a first and last chapter, that you can write (or as you say compose) a chapter a day after all the research is complete. I actually think that I can write a novel in 31 days (I figured about 31 chapters would make a good novel length). My first novel turned out to be about 97,000 words. I plan on watching your other videos and I and I will pass along your ideas to a couple of people I know that want to write or have already started writing. I follow you on Twitter and that is how I found your video. Again, many thanks.

Rich, I’ve just stumbled upon this video series and am looking forward to watching the rest of them. I’d like to check out some of Your novels as well. I’ve tried to find them on Amazon with no success. Can you point me in the right direction?

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    Hay BigTom,
    I’ve only one novella at the moment on Amazon – “Mirror Image” a SF story. I appreciate the interest.

    Here’s the link:

    I’ve 13 more waiting in the wings, which I hope to git up on Amazon this month.

This was some great information and I am just about to watch the second video now. After watching this I can’t believe that some writers try to skip those key steps to writing a good novel.

Your steps are very close to how I write already, once I get an idea my next step is research and then I do a basic story line and character outlines before starting to “write” the good stuff. I am definitely going to look over what I have right now and try to apply your method to it and see what happens.

If you have the time I would love to get your opinions on the first of my online work which is a blog/novel with reader interaction on how the story unfolds.

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    You’ve got the right idea. But I hope you don’t think that this one video contains the entire Technology of Storytelling.

    Watch all 4 and you will see the outline of ALL the processes that go into the creation of a good well told story.

    And please realize that each process is an exact sequence of steps that relies of a precise understanding of exactly what a story is, what it does, and how it accomplishes its seeming magic.

The time to write is not so important…. Greats novels were the results of years of work… To write is not a race…

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    Eric, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    I, nor the vast majority of writers I know, or have ever heard of, do not have the luxury of a patron and therefore must write good novels quickly or starve.

    And if you think about it for just a moment I think you’ll concede that the best work has usually come from writers that were prolific rather than one shot wonders.

    The idea that, “Good writing has to take a long time” is one of many sadistic lies foisted on aspiring writers.

Thanks for your recent response and regret to report that i have not been able to get to the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th vedios to be able to get to the Order Form for the ebook. I will appreciate it if you can send me the link to make it easier for me for get a copy of the ebook. I have followed all your recommendations but have ONLY been able to view the 1st Video. I am sure others are facing similar problem getting to the rest of the videos and likewise the Order Form. Thanks.

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    I don’t see any reason that you would not be able to see the other videos, they are all available on line at this time.

    1-you’ve already seen

    2-The Story of Story:

    3-Jedi Mind-Trick:

    4-Story Tech:

    Simply copy and past the above URL’s into your browser.

    The only way to order the book is at the end of video #4.

    Please write me via my website if you have any further problems.


This is the only video I’m able to click on. When will the others be live?

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    All the videos are live. When you opt-in for Video # 2 (the box is under Video # 1 – AND confirm your email address) you will receive a link to the rest of the videos.

how do i get a copy of your book? i searched on your site but did not get to it.

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    The order form for the manual is at the end of video # 4

wonderful video and i think you have done many of us a great deal of good. now no one, and i mean no one can blame “inspiration” for not being able to write the great amerian novel. thanks richwriter for this revolutionary method of writing. am waiting for the next video and can not even wait to get a copy of your ebook. am really itching to put what i have learned in the video into good use. thanks.

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    Thanks Omari.
    Yes, “inspiration” is a poor substitute for having the correct technology.

    The order form for the manual is at the end of Video # 4.

    Write on…
    And PUBLISH.

Great Video for sure. I have been working on a novel and while I think I have been doing some of these things, it was definitely not an orderly process. I am sure this process will help me along the way. It’s my first fiction novel and deals with mental caricatures. I think readers will uncover a very profound meaning beneath it all. I don’t know if these videos will be up when I have completed this story but I will be sure to acknowledge it anyways. Thanks!

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    Your welcome Jonathan.

    And thank you for the acknowledgment.

    Be sure to watch all the videos because they wont be up much longer.

    Write on…

This is excellent and the perfect gift for me. I have wanted to write an inspirational novel (fiction) but hesitant. Now I know I can by following your instructions and getting your book. Thanks!!!

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    Glad to hear it Christine,
    Maybe Santa Klaus will put it under the tree for you ;-)

    And “Yes”, please write and publish that inspirational novel. Heaven knows the world could use some inspiration.


I can’t seem to load the other videos.I did redo the 1st video and got more out of it.But it seems, if the videos and book are done to release what you have. I’ve been interested in seeing the book for a while now. I have seen story of story but not Jedi mind-trick, are the other videos done?

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    Yes Jim, all the videos are done and up on the site. These damn computer robots sure can be a pain in the back-side from time to time.

    Give this a try.

    Clear the “history” out of you web browser (not the “cookies” – because that’s how my website keeps track of stuff) and then close and reopen your browser.

    If that doesn’t allow you to get to the next video then it may be time to restart your computer.

    If all else fails send me and email at richardmcc at write-better-fiction dot com and… I’ll do something… /:-)


    Sorry for the problems. But your only the second one with this issue so I don’t think it’s an issue on my end.

    Best of luck and keep me posted.

Great stuff! I’m trying to see the third and fourth videos, but looks like I have to look at the first two again. The navigation at the top doesn’t seem to work. Could you send me a link to them or otherwise give me the key?

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    When you opt-in at the end of each video you should get an email with the link for the next one.

    But here is the link for # 3 The Jedi Mind-Trick:

Enjoyed the video…from a point of understanding more. Its the homework part, the research part, I have never fully undertaken. And even a few times I realized that was what it was, but never resolved within myself to take the big step. Thank you. I have another opportunity coming up to start the cycle again. This time I will do all the steps. Please don’t say, “told you so!”…its already burned in with pain! But looking forward to the next video. :-)

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    Very good Nigel.

    Each of the steps are outlined in the last video, I call it "The “Story Engine”. But I should tell you that each of the steps is a program in it’s own right with a sequence of steps that should be done in the right order.

    And there is a concept which is the key to “The Story Engine” which turns the thing on and makes it run.

    It’s the single most important thing to know and use about storytelling.

    I cover it fully in the manual.

    Watch all the videos and you’ll see what I mean.


Thanks for tweeting the first video; I re-tweeted ’cause it could help others as well. Cheers and all the best.

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    Thanks for the RT, Yes I do think this info could be very helpful to all fiction writers ;-)

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